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We buy cars | Sell your car to the dealership

Selling a car to J. Rinta-Jouppi is quick and easy. Cash in your car when your life situation calls for it. J. Rinta-Jouppi is one of the largest car dealerships in Finland – we buy all kinds of used vehicles all the time. Sell us your car – we can also redeem the rest of your loan for you, if needed.

Sell us your car

Send us your vehicle details using the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Ostotoiminnan yhteyshenkilöt:

Marcus Liedes

Marcus Liedes
Sisäänostaja FI | EN

040 711 9868

Matti Ropponen

Matti Ropponen
Sisäänostaja FI | EN

040 711 9867

Harri Ijäs

Harri Ijäs
Sisäänostaja FI | SE | EN

040 711 9866

Henry Juss

Henry Juss
Sisäänostaja FI | EN | EST

040 711 9889

Kabe Adria Bürstner Sun Living
Jyrki Korpela

Jyrki Korpela
Sisäänostaja FI | EN

040 549 6100

Tero Lepistö

Tero Lepistö
Ulkomaan sisäänostaja FI | EN

040 711 9871

Ville Korpela

Ville Korpela
Ostopäällikkö FI | EN

0400 443 373

Juha Vilander

Juha Vilander
Sisäänostaja - Moottoripyörät

040 777 5219

Selling a car to J. Rinta-Jouppi service

Carefree sale of a used car?

When you want to make a quick sale and cash in your car, forget about selling your car online – sell your old vehicle to us, J. Rinta-Jouppi, easily and effortlessly. We will buy your car! With us, car sales are always quick, easy and safe. No need to waste your time with unnecessary inquiries or false offers.

What kind of vehicles and cars do we buy?

We at J. Rinta-Jouppi are constantly buying all kinds of new, low-mileage and well-maintained cars, motorcycles, vans, motorhomes and caravans in cash. We are particularly interested in cars with a mileage of less than 180,000 km. 

Why sell a car or campervan to a dealership?

Selling a car to us is easier than selling it through various sales services. A lot of people sell their old cars online, but it may not be worth it! If you need to get rid of any type of vehicle, we at J. Rinta-Jouppi are always interested in buying it – assuming your vehicle is in good condition. Best of all, selling a car to us is quick and easy, every time!

Contact us, provide your personal details, basic vehicle or car information, and the mileage – you will receive a price estimate quickly. After this step, the agreed deal will be completed at the dealership closest to you. If necessary, we will redeem the rest of the loan on your behalf to the finance company. We will also do all other paperwork related to the deal on your behalf, whether it is about cancelling the insurance or registering the car. You can cash in your car and get the money in your account quickly. We will pay for the car immediately. The money is always deposited into your account in cash, as quickly as later the same day!

What do our car purchasing services include?

When you need to cash in your car, there are many different ways to do it. You can sell us the car, or trade your car for money, even if there is still financing left. You can also make money on your current car by trading it for another, more affordable vehicle. If your vehicle needs have changed, we can also trade your motorhome for a passenger car or another, cheaper campervan. In both cases, we will pay the difference to your account, so you can make money. If needed, we can also trade two cars for one. 

We buy cars all over Finland!

Send us your vehicle details using the form above, and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call our buyers on weekdays, Mon–Fri, at 10:00–18:00. You can find their contact information at the top of this page.